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Why Do Most Clients Appoint An Emotional Intelligence Coach?

Validated EQ Coaching

Would you like to be coached by a Certified Master Trainer of the world's only scientifically-validated EQ Assessment for the organisational arena?

EQ Coaching FAQ's

What's The Point?

Research globally continues to reinforce the fact that Emotional Intelligence skills are the key differentiator for top performers in their organisation or field or expertise.

It doesn't matter whether you are a medical practitioner, an engineer, an airline pilot, sales professional or anything else.  In any industry, the star performers are those individuals (and teams) who partner technical competence with EQ skills.

Isn't EQ Just 'Soft Skills'?

No.  Emotional Intelligence is often considered a 'soft skill', but one fact often overlooked, or completely ignored, is that it can deliver impressive, measurable improvements in personal and collective effectiveness and performance.

Emotional Intelligence competencies include Self Awareness, Impulse Control, Optimism, Assertiveness, Problem Solving and many more.  Balancing these EQ competencies is vital to enabling you to consistently perform at, or very near your best.

And that's where Scott's and his team can help you.

Can We Do Team EQ Coaching?

Absolutely.  Up to August 2017, 43% of our client projects were to develop higher levels of Emotional Intelligence in teams.  Mostly senior teams within organisations.

Developing more Emotionally Intelligent individuals such as a leader or high potential manager can add significant value to your organisation.  The additional value though is generated by developing a greater shared understanding of, and commitment to, individual and collective learning, and application of this learning so your organisation realises optimal benefit.

Is There Really Tangible Value?

Yes.  If you decide what to measure, and then measure it!

Client results include a £8.2 million return on investment, a 30% boost to sales performance, a 35% improvement to manager effectiveness, a 22% increase in franchisee effectiveness, plus much more.

What improvements would you like to achieve?

Who Will Be Our Coach?

Scott Watson is widely acknowledged as the most credible Emotional Intelligence expert who demonstrates a tangible benefit to client organisations.

A popular conference keynote speaker on applying Emotional Intelligence to leadership, management and team performance improvement, he leads a carefully selected team of Emotional Intelligence coaches, facilitators and trainers on international client projects.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching with Scott or a member of his specialist team is a collaborative, accountable and value-focused project.  Please only enquire about Emotional Intelligence Coaching if you are happy to engage with this standard.

EQ Client Feedback

Emotional Intelligence Coaching can deliver significant value for you, and your organisation.  But only when undertaken in a manner which focuses on delivering genuine value, rather than 'coaching'.

Please take a look at these two client testimonials which both relate to Emotional Intelligence coaching.

The first video, is presented by Vinh Giang, a highly successful entrepreneur and keynote speaker on leadership and entrepreneurship.

The second video, is presented by a senior leader at the UK's Environment Agency, a government agency coming under increasing scrutiny from central Government.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching with Scott Watson partners Emotional Intelligence skills and competency development, with a clear focus on the delivery of specific personal and professional growth.

Underpinning the Emotional Intelligence Coaching is the most credible, scientifically-validated EQ Assessment for the organisational arena, the EQ-i 2.0 Assessment.