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What's Your Desired Outcome?

Executive Coaching FAQ's

Who Is My Executive Coach?

Scott Watson will serve as your Executive Coach, subject to his availability. Please check his schedule when you call.

Alternatively, a suitably qualified and credible member of Scott's team will be selected to partner you in your development.  Each Executive Coach has been personally selected by Scott because of their specialist expertise, track record of delivering genuine value to clients.

What's The Duration?

Executive Coaching assignments range from just two 1-2-1 sessions typically held over a 8-week period through to more intensive 24-week assignments.

A growing number of senior executives prefer our 'Fair Play' executive coaching package whereby reasonable access to your Executive Coach package. Please ask for more details when you get in touch.

What's My Investment?

Your time and financial investment are influenced by the type of Executive Coaching support you require, for what period of time, and the member of Scott's team who facilitated your coaching.

Your investment includes any and all psychometric assessments, 1-2-1 Executive Coaching, personal development plans.

Typically, a 1-2-1, 8 week Executive Coaching assignment may require a financial investment of £1795.  Options for group Executive Coaching are also available.


How Do I Benefit?

Your Executive Coaching project will be designed specifically to deliver genuine value for you - both personally and professionally, for your organisation, and for the people you lead too.

If either myself or my trusted colleagues feel that delivering the learning, the benefits, and the value you need or want isn't possible, we will politely decline your invitation to be your Executive Coach.  Simple as that!

If we believe we can deliver the learning, benefits and value you need or want, your financial and time investment will be discussed right at the outset.  No disappointing surprises!

Why Should I Choose You?

That's perhaps more a question for you to answer than me and my team.

It's important that you find the right Executive Coaching partner for you. Scouring the web can be a good place to begin your search, but ultimately, results matter, don't they?

I would prefer to avoid trying to impress you with my team's expertise, skills and credibility for delivering genuine value to trusting clients.  Instead, I will let some of our clients share their thoughts with you.

Please Think About

these very important questions

Scott Watson supported former leading mortgage lender Bradford & Bingley to generate a £8.2 million return on their investment by successfully retaining mortgage customers the business had resigned itself to losing.

Richard Clark, Service & Sales Director of the business shares his thoughts on how Executive Coaching, partnered with Emotional Intelligence Coaching for six team members.

If you would like to explore how Executive Coaching, with am element of Emotional Intelligence Coaching can benefit you and your organisation, you are welcome to get in touch with Emotional Intelligence Coach, Scott Watson.

Already a hugely successful international entrepreneur, and one of the USA's most popular conference keynote speakers on Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Vinh Giang realised that he could benefit greatly from exploring and developing and developing his Emotional Intelligence.

Vinh appointed Emotional Intelligence coach Scott Watson as his Executive Coach.  Even though Scott is based in the UK, and Vinh travels to present at events globally, Skype and Facetime helped this remote Executive Coaching project easy to undertake.

Click the video to hear Vinh's thoughts on how Emotional Intelligence coaching enabled him to become an even more effective leader and entrepreneur.

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