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Popular Keynotes Include

From 'OK' To 'Outstanding' Performance

Learn the 3 key lessons, and the specific actions, that enabled an underperforming department to transition from years of 'OK' performance to 'Outstanding' performance.

Replicate these fundamental lessons, principles and actions and you may be pleasantly surprised at just how quickly your teams can transform themselves too.

Are You Helping...Or Hurting?

So many Managers unwittingly hurt rather than help team and organisational performance because they focus on the wrong things.  They drain energy, sap engagement and cost your organisation money.

But 'management training' is very unlikely to solve the problem.  Healthy levels of Self Awareness, Impulse Control AND a willingness to Manage Upwards are vital to Managers delivering best value.

EQ Sales & Service Transformation

How could a group of 6 'average performers' in a telephone based Customer Service operation, with no experience of, or desire to, proactively retain customers the business had resigned itself to lose, generate a WHOPPING £8.2 million of income?

Scott will share with your audience EXACTLY how it was achieved, and show you how YOU can replicate this fabulous result for your organisation.

The Leadership Lessons That Delivered £212k

An intriguing and entertaining exploration of how one senior manager's low level of EQ was costing his employer hundreds of thousands of pounds of budget over-runs, and how he transformed his performance with EQ Coaching.

Leading Successfully With EQ

Emotional Intelligence is by no means a replacement for technical competence.  BUT, it is a powerful partner!

Explore just how quickly, easily and effectively your leaders and managers can literally transform their own performance, and the performance of their teams too.

What Scott Needs From You

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ForLarger Groups

If you are looking for a keynote speaker who espouses boring theory, complex psychobabble and unproven approaches, Scott Watson is not the guy to speak with.

If thought you are looking for a keynote speaker who has strategically applied Emotional Intelligence in organisations, and consistently delivered measurable value, why not get in touch?

An engaging, collaborative and entertaining keynote speaker, Scott Watson is appointed by clients globally to educate, entertain and inspire audience members to think differently, work differently and deliver even more value for their organisation.

For Smaller Groups

For a more intimate and even more involving event, Scott Watson presents and facilitates Emotional Intelligence training events for executives, managers and HR teams.

You are welcome to contact Scott Watson either by telephone or email.

Bespoke content means that your audience members learn a series of proven, highly effective and practical tools, techniques and skills they can immediately apply upon their return to your workplace.

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