Management Development Training

Management Development Training With A BIG Difference

If your managers were just 10% more effective, what additional value could be delivered for your organisation?

Management Development Training Courses Can Include

Your Quality Guarantee

Following a rigorous research, development and testing phase, each Management Development Training programme has been personally Certified by Master Trainer & Emotional Intelligence expert Scott Watson.  This ensures that you not only enjoy a worthwhile management development training course, but that your organisation achieves a genuine return on its investment.

It's ALL Bespoke

No Off The Shelf Tat

Scott doesn't subscribe to 'off the shelf' management development training. Why?  Because it simply doesn't focus on delivering a genuine return on investment for the trusting organisation.

That's why EVERY management development training programme here is designed to focus on delivering measurable, meaningful and sustainable value.  Value for your organisation, and for your managers and their teams.

Dirk will even show you how to successfully embed the learning in your organisation so you can sustain the benefits long-term.

Learning Reinforcement

Ever attended a management training course and left full of enthusiasm...but then never really applied your learning?  Those days are gone!  Here's how.

Your managers will gain access to our client-only online Management Training Academy immediately following their learning with Dirk.

You can access the Academy through any mobile device and the Academy is packed with more than 60 subject-specific coaching videos and audios your managers can access 24/7 to refresh their learning.  NOBODY ELSE offers this kind of solution...They just want to sell you more management training!

Certification of Competence

Your managers won't receive a 'Certificate of Attendance' for participating in their Management Development training programme.  What's the point of that?

When they have demonstrated proactive application of their learning in the weeks following their learning, then they will each receive a personalised 'Certificate of Competence'.

This Certificate is only issued to managers who have actually demonstrated application of learning.  To ensure the highest standards of integrity and quality, no exceptions apply.

Points To Consider

Management Development Feedback

Management Development Training programmes are carefully designed to focus on addressing your organisation's most pressing issues, and to create a step-change in how your managers and their teams communicate, collaborate, and ultimately, perform.

Whether you have a team which needs to turn itself around, or an already outstanding team who can perform even better, and deliver even more value, there is a management development solution here for you.

My invitation to you is this.  If you can find a management development provider which can prove the value delivered for clients, which focuses on delivering genuine value to your organisation, and is easy to collaborate with, please appoint them.

Alternatively, if you like the feel for this team, you're welcome to get in touch on 0845 052 3701 or email