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Learn How To Present Like A True Pro With Emotional Intelligence Expert & Conference Speaker, Scott Watson

Executive Presentation Skills Coaching Can Include

Presentation Coaching FAQ's

How Do I Learn?

Your presentation skills coaching takes place in person if you are based in the UK, and in Mainland Europe too however an additional investment is required.

Skype and Facetime are also used effectively for presentation skills coaching. Plus, Scott can record bite-sized video tutorials for you to view at your own pace, and provide candid, expert feedback on your 'dry run' presentations when you record them on video on your Smartphone.

You may be relieved to learn that your presentation skills coaching avoids complex models and 'place your hands here' babble.  Scott's goal is to enable you to be a more polished and professional presenter who connects with your audience.

Who Is My Coach?

Emotional Intelligence Keynote Speaker Scott Watson will be your presentation skills coach, subject to his availability.  Alternatively, a member of his expert team will be assigned to be your Coach.

Scott presents at more than 150 conferences and client events each year. Clients write rave reviews because his carefully developed content is partnered by a natural, engaging and entertaining presentation style.

Yes, it's unlikely you will become a brilliant presenter overnight.  The opportunity to become a more polished, confident and resonant presenter can though be achieved quickly with Scott's expert support.

How Long Does It Take?

Some clients prefer to book an intensive one-day 'Breakthrough Presentation Skills' coaching session, which focuses on crafting your presentation content, refining it, and then practising presenting it.  An abundance of value can be achieved with this incisive coaching.

Most clients prefer to reinforce the 'Breakthrough' coaching session with an element of Skype coaching focusing on personal impact development, and email coaching to introduce emotionally engaging 'Power Words' and 'Power Phrases' which power up the quality and impact of your message.

How Do I Bring My Talk To Life?

Clients globally enjoy Scott Watson's creative, precise and resonant presentation skills coaching.  Why?  Because his presentation skills coaching goes way beyond 'skills' and in to creating the healthiest mindset which will enable you to perform at your best, and, develops skills naturally so they fit well with you personally and professionally.

In addition, you can complete a EQ Assessment which will identify areas which will help you to be more aware of how to manage yourself, your message and your audience optimally.

What Results Can I Expect?

Alongside your presentation skills coaching, you will also benefit from using Scott's proven, practical and time-tested method of quickly and easily producing a presentation of up to 60 minutes duration.

PLUS, you can also benefit from Scott's 'Power Words' and 'Power Phrases' templates which really power up the impact of the language you use throughout your presentation.


Please Consider

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The video testimonial is presented by a senior executive at the UK's Environment Agency.

A growing number of the UK's leading organisations invite Scott Watson to present at their Annual conference and senior team Away Days.

Why? Because he makes complex principles understandable, tools and techniques practical to apply, he educates and also entertains - so each presentation engages audience members' brains and emotions, and, most importantly, audience members commit to using what they learn.


This industry leading manufacturer of elevators and mobile walkways needed to boost the engagement and effectiveness of its Sales and Customer Service teams.

Rather than include the usual raft building activities in its Annual Conference, it invited Scott Watson to present on how to use Emotional Intelligence to optimise personal effectiveness and engage more authentically with potential and existing clients.  You can see for yourself what the Service and Sales Director thought of the keynote presentation.

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