Emotional Intelligence & Team Development

Enabling Your Teams To Deliver More Value, More Quickly, With Far Fewer Headaches

Team Development Projects Often Include

Team Development Can Include

1/2 Day Intensive

3.5 hours of facilitated intensive, structured, thought-provoking and outcome-focused group learning which focuses on one specific subject.

Very popular with Board level teams due to the short time investment. Usually a series of 2 to 3 facilitated sessions over a 10 week period.

1 Day Masterclass

7 hours of highly interactive learning.

An in-depth exploration of how leaders are currently helping or hurting team and organisational effectiveness and performance.  Leave with a 'Blueprint' of what, why and how to improve your own and your team's effectiveness.

The Solution Centre

1 or 2 modular days of hands-on, brains-on collaborative learning.

Pick one subject.  Either a problem which needs resolving and deserves your effort to do so, or a key strength which you wish to further enhance.  My specialist team will show you how to do it..and quickly too!

Culture Change Retreat

When you need to escape from the day to day pressures of your organisation and take time to think, reflect, plan and decide how to optimise performance and results.  Clients benefit tremendously from this solution.

Normally a 2 day retreat is sufficient to stir up new ideas, communicate candidly, present solutions, and then commit to executing their decisions.

Team Optimizer

Whether your team is doing badly or brilliantly, a 1 day Team Optimizer event can bring a new sense of purpose, commitment and motivation to your teams.

Most popular choice for middle manager teams.

Please Consider

Each Team Development event is carefully designed to ensure that your organisation, and participants, actually realise genuine value.  Otherwise, what's the point?

Whilst Scott Watson's projects consist of supporting executive level and senior teams on strategic development projects, team members focus on supporting other groups on:-